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The Tapered Planter Box

Indoor or outdoor--large or small -- this Planter Box can be modified to fit a wide range of applications

Step 1: Cut the sides (A) to size, according to the Bill of Materials.

Step 2: Set the tilt of your saw table to 44-3/4 degrees and your Miter Gauge to 85 degrees and cut the compound miters along the vertical edges of the Planter sides (A).

Step 3: Cut the top pieces (B) according to the Bill of Materials.

Step 4: Re-set your table tilt to "0" and your Miter Gauge to 45 degrees and cut the corner miters in the four top pieces (B).

Step 5: Next, using a Dado Blade set to make a 7/8" wide x 3/8" to 1/2" deep cut, form a rabbet around the inside edges of the four top pieces (B), as shown in the drawing. This dado will allow the assembled top to slip down over the sides.

Step 6: Using a square to ensure accuracy, assemble, glue and nail (or screw) the four top pieces (B) to create the top.


Step 7: Re-set your table tilt to 5 degrees (for our example 5 degree off vertical Planter Box) and cut the tapered bottom (C) to size, according to the Bill of Materials.

Step 8: Assemble the four sides (A), using clamps, glue and nails or screws. Be sure to check for squareness before setting aside to dry.

Step 9: Drop the bottom (C) into the assembled sides and glue into position. Use nails or screws to add strength.

If you're planning to make your Planter Boxes watertight for indoor use, caulk all inside joints with clear silicone sealant. However, for outdoor use, we recommend that a series of four or more small holes be drilled in the bottom for drainage and covered with a small piece of plastic window screen, stapled over the holes.

The top can be glued and nailed into position...or left loose. If you're using outdoor woods, Planter Boxes designed for outdoor use need no additional finishing and will weather nicely over time. On the other hand, stained Planters can be more attractive and potentially bring a higher price. If you're planning to stain your Planters, be sure to use a stain that's made specifically for use outdoors.

Suggested retail price: $25 to $30 each for this size -- $40 to $50 a pair


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